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Tokat School of Health was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers no. 96/8655 published in the Official Gazette dated November 2, 1996 and numbered 22805. Our school was closed on April 8, 2016 with the decision of the Council of Ministers of 2016/8562 of Tokat School of Health and turned into ok Faculty of Health Sciences Okul. In the midwifery department, there are 1 associate professor, 3 faculty member, 1 instructor and 3 research assistant. The department has 4 classrooms, 1 Maternal and Child Health Laboratory and 1 Birth Laboratory. Students take courses in basic science courses, vocational courses and social sciences. In addition to the compulsory courses, there are also elective courses that students can choose according to their preferences. Theoretical lectures are held in the classrooms of the College. Applied courses vary according to the content and requirements of the course and are carried out in the institutions and organizations of Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University Faculty of Medicine Research and Application Hospital and Ministry of Health. The applications of the vocational courses are carried out under the supervision of the instructor responsible for the course.